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Correspondence with Joy Schneider

Dear Mr. Ellis,  
     Thanks for answering my e-mail.  I am in the process of copying these pictures and would be glad to send you  what I have.  
     The last time we were in Pass Christian we were trying to gather information and were pleased to visit with Katie Caire at her home.  Her husband had written a book on Pass Christian and unfortunately she had no more copies. We were going to go with her where some library items were stored but ran out of time on our visit.   I understand she has since passed away.
     I believe I came across one of those pamphlets going through my mother's papers.  I will have to check on that again.  We had visited with the fellow who had owned the castle at the time but never actually saw inside.  The next visit we made, it was up for sale, but the price was prohibitive for me.  I would have loved to have brought it into the family again.
     I understand my great-auntís name had been Gundlach.  When I received some literature from the high school I attended I noticed an article about their retired math teacher who's last name was Gundlach and was also I believe teaching German. It was such a coincidence but I'm sure there are many unrelated Gundlachs.
     It must be an exhilarating feeling to piece together  things from the past and fill those blanks.  I think I was rather amazed when I read that my great-grandfather as a child had met Jefferson Davis at a party his father attended.  It is in a book relating to a small section of his life. The two books are not very large and show wear and tear and some patching unfortunately.  I have been trying to figure out how I could get them restored somewhere without changing the integrity of them.  
     I think the most difficult thing to deal with are pictures of people that I found with no reference as to who they are, now I'm on a mission to encourage everyone I know to make sure all family related pictures are labeled!
     Fortunately most of the Pass Christian people are identified.  
     I am also fortunate to have had an aunt who married into the founding family of a town here in Illinois called Downers Grove.  Between the two families I almost feel famous!  Please feel free to use anything I send you for any of your documentation.
     Sometime later on I will give all the originals to the historical society as Pass Christian is where they belong, but for now I am just enjoying them myself.
     Again thanks for your response and I will keep in touch.  

                                          Best Regards,
                                           Joy Schneider

To: danellis
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:46:30 EST
Hi Dan,
Sorry I have not gotten back to you on 2nd book. After considering how it would scan, I have copied the 2nd book and will be putting it in the mail with a copy of one or two lists regarding relatives. One day when I was moving some old books of my mothers the top cover of an old bible dropped off and I looked down to see the name Elvira Johnson and the date of 3-21-1913 written on the next page.It was a Sunday School book of an evangelical Lutheran Emmanuel Christ Church of Chicago. I'm sure this person is part of the Johnson's you referred to. Funny how after all the times I had been thinking of how I could find out about them this occurred. Unfortunately the only thing in the book was a leather marker stamped with the Lydia Pinkham Medicine Co. name. One I knew of previously as my father was a pharmacist and I grew up behind the counter of the store he owned in Franklin Park, IL.
You asked for a profile on me and I wasn't sure exactly what you are interested in, but will send something to you over this weekend. I was in touch with my cousin Anne Comito and as I mentioned she had tried to visit Jesse a number of years ago. She is looking through her mother's papers and pictures to see if there is anything additional she can contribute to your site. She mentioned she might have a picture of James Sherman with his second wife. She also has a copy of James Sherman's horticultural book. So as soon as she sends me anything I will pass it on to you. There are four more cousins as we are now the oldest generation left. They are great grand daughters and great grandsons of James. Besides anne there is her sister Gail Marshall (unmarried), Joanne McCann, her brothers Eddie and Wayne Markham. The first two are the daughters of Marie Marshall( Martin) who was a daughter of Amelia Sherman. The next three are the children of Virginia Markham(Martin) also a daughter of Amelia Sherman. I think that's the order they are in. I hope this does not sound too confusing. I will have a family chart in with the other items. I will really try to follow up on anything I find. Thankyou for your patience. Take care.
Joy Schneider


To: danellis
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 23:57:14 EST
Subject: Re: More Info

Hi Dan,
Sorry about that omission. I will copy those pages and send them to you tomorrow. Their are some of the pictures in slight color and some just in black and white. I will go to Kinko's and try to copy them so you have them more original looking. The front cover is gray with the gardenia in white and green laying on a red book, I will do this one also.Unfortunately my mother was a strong believer that duct tape could repair anything and has run a piece down the narrow binding. I have been trying to figure out how to remove that for a while now. I have always loved books and most of mine are kept as if they have never been read. My sister Norma Jean Garberson (Lancaster) was a librarian for most of her life and passed on the same love of books to her granddaughter Rory Applegate. I have a wonderful essay Rory wrote in praise of her grandmother's influence that introduced her to an amazing selection of books over the years. If you like you may have a copy of that also. I have found some old post cards of New Orleans and a couple of pictures of a pillar and original doors on the castle. My mother told me that a Rose West was a Mardi Gras Queen at some time in the past and I have found a picture of her also. I'm not sure if she actually was a relative or not at the moment. I have one other cousin who lives in Maryland near Westpoint and I will right to her and see if her mother, Virginia Martin ( Lynch) had left anything to her that was related to your subjects. She was a granddaughter of James Sherman. Trying to keep the lineup of grands,greats and great-greats can be confusing, can't it! Still have to scale down the family tree chart and send you.

Mar 24, 2005
Hi, Dan,
Here is copy of 2nd book of James Sherman and other notations of papers on family members.  The pages are not consecujtive and I skipped some pictures because they came out too dark.  I hope this is of interest to youl
I re-read the letter on Jane Johnson and the remarks regardeing her being a grand daughter and am puzzled.  I can't find anything.  I never heard much about jesse's family or their names.
It amazes me as to the volume of work you have done as a historian over the years.  I was looking thru your sites again recently and there is always somthing I did not see before.  
Best Regards,
Joy Schneider

(4 photos recieved)  A postcard of the Castle, a photo shows Sherman seated with Jessee Gunlach on the right and possibly his granddaughter on the left, Flora May Martin (Downer) (Lastofka), a photo taken at 1020 West Beach Blvd, and younger photo of Sherman.


Dear Dan,
     We are getting ready to scan and send you a copy of "The Road I Came" by James M.Sherman.
     I am also going to scan the horticulture book for you as it contains a reference when Sherman's step-father took him to meet General Jefferson Davis at the Saint Charles Hotel.
     On page 45 of this book he describes a Magnolia as the possible species referenced as the plant of "Joy".   I know this was not where my mother got my name but was amazed at the coincidence of it being in my great grandfather's book.

                                  Best Regards,

Hi Dan,
     Mentioning the Gundlach name reminded me of a newsletter I received awhile back from my highschool.  It made reference in an article to a German Teacher whose last name was Gundlach.  Thinking this an odd coincidence I phoned the school only to find he has retired sometime previously and they did not give me any other information.  I guess I looked at it as it probably was too amazing that it was a relative to my great-aunt's husband that I did not search any further.  But if you would like me to do so I will or I can give you the information and you being a historian can connect to where you might find this person.  My great aunt Jesse had written my mother after Hurricane Camille, that she was living on the top floor of the castle as the water had flooded the first floor.  I think my mother wanted to try to go there but she was not able to travel and I lived away at the time.  My cousin Anne had actually started to look into the family tree and visited her but she (Jesse) would not let her in as she would have had no idea who she was.  I can find out if Anne has anymore interesting details.  We visited the lady next to the castle and she was very pleasant and told more details about my great aunt.  I would loved to have known her but she also sounded a little ecentric? or perhaps that was just the artistic gene she had.
     I hope the people who live there now do not dispose fo the stone relating to the castle or the statue my great aunt made standing behind the house. I understand the garage which is in the style of the castle was originally on the castle property but now belongs to the house nest door.
     Another amazing coincidence is the fact that James Sherman's daughter Amelia, my grandmother, her husband was named Everett which I believe is the name of the street behind the property.  
     Take care and good luck with your website.
     I will stay in touch.

On the back of this picture are the following notations in order.
Aug. 1892,  Wytheville,Va.
C.C. Macfarlane,- Lucy Townsend,- Honore Lacoste,-
Madam Lacoste,- Etta Townsend.

This is Amelia Sherman's daughter Floramay.  Her first husband was John Downer related to the founder of Downers Grove,il.

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