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Sherman's Requiem

Burial Plot at Live Oak Cemetery --- Pass Christian, MS.

70 NorthEast — James M Sherman (Gundlach)
   At age 67, James M. Sherman started building his castle at 1012 West Beach in 1921, being supported only by a young Negro to help pour concrete.  Sherman, a horticulturist, agriculturist, and author of several books, at the time of his death had completed most of the structure with walls that are nine inches thick.  A plaque, hanging within, marked the theme of the Castle, "God is my Sculptor."
   One of his daughters, Mrs. George (Jessie) Gundlach moved from St. Louis to reside at the Castle five years after Sherman's death in 1937.  An accomplished oil-painter, Mrs. Gundlach renamed the castle “Chateau Sherman” where she provided a separate room to house crafts of the newly formed Boy Scout Troop #211 in 1957.
   As Internationalists, the Gundlachs entertained foreign guests from all over the world, in particular favor were Korean flight officers who took training at Keesler Air Base.  For their hospitable kindness, the Gundlachs were awarded the "Wings of the Air Force" in appreciation for the International Friendship they had promoted.  The Koreans dubbed the castle as the "College of International Friendship."
   She never forgot scouting which included the Girl Scouts and the Brownies who were taught patriotism with the lowering of the flag ceremonies on their front lawn followed by singing of "America."

James M Sherman — “Sweetheart” ---1854 – 1937
George C Gundlach — 8-5-1887 – 3-17-1968
Jessie Sherman Gundlach — 8-4-1889 – 4-22-1984
George Christian Gundlach — 1887 – 1968

     This site is dedicated to the story behind the man, James M. Sherman, his daughter, Jessie Sherman Gundlach, the family Sherman, and a demonstration of support by helpful descendants, in particular, Joy Schneider of Ohio, who seek to continue the threads of heritage as they have spread roots in Pass Christian, Mississippi.
     James M. Sherman is anchored in the "Pass" --- both, by his burial stone as well as the Castle Sherman which he built on West Beach Boulevard.

Seated, James M. Sherman is tended by his daughter, Jessie Gundlach at right and possibly his granddaughter on the left,
Flora May Martin (Downer) (Lastofka).

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